Engineers and Geoscientists BC
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Business Name Consent

Restricted Words in Business Names

Engineers and Geoscientists BC protects the public by requiring firms that wish to use restricted or trademarked words in their business names to obtain consent from Engineers and Geoscientists BC prior to registration/incorporation. Engineers and Geoscientists BC will generally grant consent only to firms that are Registrants of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, or that undertake to become registered and to obtain a Permit to Practice from Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

The following words have been put under restriction by the Registrar of Companies. Approval of registrations containing these words will require consent from the organization:

  • Consulting Engineer
  • Earth Science
  • Engineer
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Exploration Geoscience
  • Geochemistry
  • Geochemical
  • Geologist
  • Geological
  • Geology
  • Geomorphology
  • Geophysics
  • Geophysical
  • Geoscience
  • Geoscientist
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydrogeological
  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Professional Engineer
  • P.Eng.
  • Quaternary Geology
  • Volcanology

Consent Request Process

All businesses that wish to register a name containing a restricted word must complete an online Business Name Consent Request. If a firm seeks to incorporate or otherwise register a new business name with the Registrar of Companies (including registering a proprietorship or partnership), the Registrar of Companies may grant a conditional approval, subject to receipt of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's consent to use of the restricted or trademarked word.

Step 1: Start a Consent RequestStep 3: Submit Application for Registration as a Registrant Firm

The following sets out the process for seeking such consent from Engineers and Geoscientists BC:

  1. The applicant begins the consent request process by starting an online Business Name Consent Request. Note that only Professional Registrants of Engineers and Geoscientists BC can complete the request. The Request requires the Professional Registrant to agree to certain undertakings, including the undertaking that the firm will register as a Registrant Firm with Engineers and Geoscientists BC within 30 days of receipt of a consent letter.
  2. If consent is granted, the applicant will receive a consent letter, by email, that the applicant can provide to the Registrar of Companies.
  3. Once the registration or name change process has been completed with the Registrar of Companies, the applicant must take all necessary steps to fulfill the undertakings that were agreed to as part of the Business Name Consent Request, including registering the firm with Engineers and Geoscientists BC and obtaining a Permit to Practice within 30 days of the date that the consent letter (from step 2) was received.


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