Engineers and Geoscientists BC


Regulation in the Public InterestOur Core Role 

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia is tasked with a critical mission: to regulate the engineering and geoscience professions in the best interest of the public. This fundamental duty compels us to prioritize the welfare and safety of society above the interests of the individual engineers, geoscientists, or firms we regulate. In essence, the "public interest" encompasses the well-being of society at large as it relates to our mandate. We recognize that the actions of our registrants not only impact their employers and clients but also have the potential to significantly affect public safety.  

The Privilege of Self-Regulation 

Self-regulation is a testament to the maturity and responsibility of a profession. It signifies that a profession has reached a level of expertise and ethical standards that allow its members to govern themselves effectively. This model of governance means that the government entrusts us, the professionals with the specialized knowledge, to oversee our own regulation. 

Such a system serves the public interest by establishing high standards of competency, ethical conduct, and overall professional practice. It empowers us to license our registrants, enforce disciplinary actions, and, when necessary, revoke the privilege to practice from those who fail to uphold these standards. This framework also ensures that we are directly responsible for safeguarding the public from potential harm. 

Accountability to the Public 

A cornerstone of self-regulation is our accountability to the public. We operate transparently and responsibly, always with the public's welfare in mind. We’re committed to transparency and accountability. To focus our efforts, we’re adopting a more specific regulatory mandate. This means we’ll limit our member-focused advocacy work. To ensure valued services continue, we’re creating an independent advocacy body. This group will represent engineers and geoscientists, connecting their professional work with public interests.  

Oversight by the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) 

The Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) oversees the governance of the regulatory bodies under the Professional Governance Act, including Engineers and Geoscientists BC. This oversight is guided by the Standards of Good Regulation, which outline expected outcomes for Engineers and Geoscientists BC. The Standards of Good Regulation feature the following themes:  

  • Transparency and Accountability (6 standards);
  • Setting Standards of Competence and Conduct (2 standards);
  • Education and Continuing Competence (2 standards);
  • Registration (3 standards);
  • Audit and Practice Reviews (1 standard); and
  • Complaints and Discipline (6 standards).

More information on the OSPG is available at