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Discipline Hearings & Notices

Engineers and Geoscientists BC publishes all citations for discipline hearings, discipline decisions and penalties, and any consent agreements made through voluntary resolution in accordance with part 11 of the Bylaws.

Contact information for queries on discipline matters:

For questions regarding discipline matters, attending a discipline hearing, the effect of penalties, or information on past discipline cases, please contact Alexandra Lakirovich, Discipline Coordinator, at [email protected], 604.558.6650 or toll-free 1.888.430.8035 ext. 6650, or at [email protected].

Below is information regarding:

Upcoming Discipline Hearings

Hearings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a discipline hearing, please contact us in advance to confirm the time and location of the hearing.

The citations below are published 30 days in advance of the hearing, and contain unproven allegations against a professional engineer or professional geoscientist that will be considered at a discipline hearing.

May 6-9, 2024
Mahmoud Mahmoud, P.Eng. 

Completed Disciplinary Hearings – Waiting for Decision

The hearings listed below have been concluded. The Discipline Hearing Panel is currently deliberating before finalizing its formal decision.

Hearing Date(s)Name
January 9-12, February 9, 2024Mahmoud Mahmoud, P.Eng.
April 4–8, July 18–22, December 20, 2022, April 4, 2023Peter Kovacik, P.Eng.

Disciplinary Orders

The disciplinary orders published below include discipline decisions and penalties from discipline hearings as well as any consent agreements made through voluntary resolution in place of a formal discipline hearing. Redactions may be applied to disciplinary orders pursuant to part 11 of the Bylaws.  

Summaries of all discipline cases can be found in Innovation magazine and the News section on our website.  

Penalties, such as practice restrictions, suspension and cancellations are identified in the registrant's profile in the public Registrant Directory

As soon as a registrant has complied with all conditions from the disciplinary order, the disciplinary order is moved to the Archived Disciplinary Orders page. Disciplinary orders that include the cancellation of a registrant remain published below indefinitely.