Quality Assurance Promotion and Marketing Strategist

Company: British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Website: http://www.bcica.org
Email: [email protected]

The British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) has developed a quality assurance program designed to ensure that the materials, as well as the installation of mechanical insulation, complies with the requirements listed in the mechanical engineering specification.

The Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) is awarded by BCICA for projects specified with a QAC and certified through an independent inspection process that includes written reports as the project progresses. The QAC has been specified by several mechanical engineering firms in BC (most notably it is part of the Integral Group master specification), but promotion of the program requires a person dedicated to the task.

BCICA is looking for an individual with the requisite combination of skills, as well as the passion needed to promote and market the QAC program to mechanical engineering firms, as well as public and private stakeholders focussed on “saving energy for the future.”

If the following Job Description is of interest to you, please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to the attention of the BCICA Board of Directors c/o #108 – 4238 Lozells Ave., Burnaby, BC V5A 0C4 or via email to: [email protected].

QAC Promotion and Marketing Strategist

Chiefly responsible for meeting with decision makers in government (provincial, municipal), with mechanical engineering consultants, as well as energy conservation stakeholders, to persuade them to include the Quality Assurance Certificate as:

  • part of their procurement process,
  • part of a mechanical engineering firm’s master specification for the supply and installation of mechanical insulation, and
  • a cost-effective solution for saving energy and lowering GHG’s.


Promotion and Marketing of the BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) Program with the goal of having a QAC included as part of all mechanical insulation master specifications and, to have a QAC specified on every new or retrofit project in the public and private sectors.


A B.Eng. in mechanical engineering (or a combination of related academic achievements) from a recognized university or technical institute, focusing on mechanical heating and cooling systems with an emphasis on mechanical insulation materials and their value to the energy conservation equation. Registration, or eligibility to register, as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) in BC. Proven specification writing as well as project management on commercial mechanical engineering jobs.


Knowledge of the economic value that mechanical insulation provides to building owners (Capital Costs vs ROI and reduced long-term operational costs). The ability to cite case studies/reports that support the MI value proposition. Experience in developing MI specifications and providing MI consulting services. Knowledge of Leed Standards as well as provincial, municipal, city building codes. Ability to create and facilitate Power Point Presentations. Product/service marketing, promotional experience. Excellent written/verbal communication/presentation skills. Affiliated/familiar with various organizations promoting energy conservation solutions in the ICI sector.


Reporting directly to the BCICA Board of Directors with support from BCICA administrative personnel.


Comparable with industry expectations for an individual with the requisite skills and experience.