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Click here for our FAQ which provides more information about unauthorized practice and misuse of title.


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Although we do provide the option to advise us of a concern anonymously, in many cases it may be necessary to contact you in the process of investigating a concern. Not having your contact information could be an impediment to our investigation, so we encourage you to provide contact information if you are comfortable doing so. If you provide your contact information, that information is collected by Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia pursuant to s. 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of enabling us to guard against the unlawful use of reserved titles and the unlawful practice of reserved practice. If you have questions about this collection of information, please contact Jake Schroeder, Acting Enforcement Manager and Counsel at [email protected]. Engineers and Geoscientists BC seeks to protect the identities of members of the public who submit concerns. However, there are some scenarios in which we may be required to disclose the source of a concern. If our analysis of an unauthorized practice or misuse of title issue reveals concerns about the conduct of a current registrant (individual or firm), we may internally forward the matter to our Investigation and Discipline (I&D) team. The I&D process is subject to different disclosure obligations and often involves providing the registrant whose conduct is of concern with a copy of the original complaint materials. When responding to Freedom of Information requests, Engineers and Geoscientists BC withholds a complainant's identity unless its disclosure is ordered by the province's Information and Privacy Commissioner.