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Embrace Your Leadership Identity

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
9:45 AM–10:00 AM Pacific Time: Login
10:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time: Webinar
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1 CE Hour(s) of Communications and Leadership Learning 

This session includes pre-work, which may be eligible for additional CE Hour(s)

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Women in Leadership Series
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Tasha Booth

Event Description

The Women in Leadership Series enables women to view leadership through the lens of communication, supporting them to develop the skills needed to be seen as strong, confident leaders. In this session, participants will explore the concept of leadership identity and its importance to communicating with confidence. Here they will explore traditional assumptions about what it takes to be a leader, and contrast them with more contemporary understandings of leadership. They will reflect on their current leadership identity and explore what's working and what's not.

Event Presenter(s)

Diana Pavlovska
The Humphrey Group

About the Event

Learning Outcomes

  • Audit current state of leadership identity;
  • Identify elements of identity critical to showing up as a leader; and
  • Learn to showcase leadership identity through daily communication.

Women in Leadership Series

The Women in Leadership series will enable women to view leadership through the lens of communication—supporting them to develop the skills needed to be seen as strong confident leaders. Through 4 webinars and 1-year access to a self-paced course, registrants will learn how to communicate with clarity and intention, unlock the power of their voice, and develop a strong leadership brand. Please visit the Women in Leadership Series event page for more details.

The series is made up of the following webinars:


Ms. Diana Pavlovská

The Humphrey Group

Diana is a Consultant based in Vancouver who works with our clients globally. She has developed a reputation for excellence in both her group training and individual coaching with senior leaders from various industries including energy, infrastructure, technology, and finance. Diana believes the most important area of her work is helping leaders find their voice. She is an expert in delivering presence coaching, which she has cultivated through her diverse background and coaching in the film and television industry. Diana is passionate about developing leaders at all levels of an organization. She specializes in helping her clients communicate authentically and become recognized by their organizations as confident leaders with polished executive presence. A featured Keynote speaker across Canada, Diana received her BFA from the University of Regina, with a Minor in Psychology. Diana is an award-winning professional film and television actor.