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Opportunities and Challenges for Integrating Sustainability into Practice – Panel Discussion

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
12:00 PM-1:30 PM
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Event Description

To raise awareness on energy and environmental sustainability strategies, the panelists will focus on some of the initiatives being led across BC and share with us their approaches in creating a sustainable future through local action. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities for sustainability by attending this panel discussion.

Event Presenter(s)

Benjamin Cox (UBC BRIMM)
Jocelyn Fraser (Research Associate)
Shelby Hart (Clean BC Team)
Moderator: George Benson, Vancouver Economic Commission

About the Event

Presentations will focus on the following areas:
  • Future-proofing the mining sector;
  • Opportunities enabled through CleanBC 2030 and funding opportunities; and
  • Social aspects of just transition.
The Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Sustainability Advisory Group, in partnership with the organization's branches, has organized several panel discussions in the past few years around sustainability and climate change. This year’s event will feature presentations about efforts underway across BC to support the just transition to a lower carbon and resilient future. George Benson, Sector Manager, Built Environment from the Vancouver Economic Commission, will moderate the event.

To raise awareness on energy and environmental sustainability strategies, the panelists will focus on some of the initiatives they are currently involved in and share with us their approaches in creating a sustainable future through local action. Please join us on May 25, 2022, to gain a greater understanding of the various sustainability initiatives and discussions about sustainability trends to help expand awareness and engagement with these issues. The event will also include content on revisions underway to Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Professional Practice Guidelines on Sustainability.


Moderator: George P.R. Benson

George P.R. Benson is a climate leader and urban planner based in Vancouver. He works for the City of Vancouver’s economic development agency, where he focuses on building more just, decarbonized, and democratic economies. He is active in various global, national and local initiatives related to youth empowerment and climate action and served as the Global Climate Lead for North America in the Global Shapers Community. Most recently, George has joined the BC Climate Solutions Council, where he advises the Minister of the Environment on pressing environmental and climate-policy issues.

Benjamin Cox

Benjamin Cox has a corporate finance and environmental economics background, focusing on financial optimization with an ESG focus. He has worked and been an entrepreneur in the last 20+ years in the exploration space, for OEM’s and now for the University of British Columbia as a funded Ph.D. student within a team that is focusing on pricing and valuing the water, energy, and environmental footprint of the mining industry.

Shelby Hart, P.Eng.

Shelby Hart is a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Dalhousie University. She gained experience in industrial operation and greenhouse gas reduction through operations and design engineering positions with several of the major Canadian/global oil and gas and mining companies. Highlights include projects to eliminate water use from SAGD operations, and elimination of fluid tailings creation from mine ore processing. She currently works for the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and holds the position of Technical Lead for the CleanBC Industry Fund. The Fund invests a portion of carbon tax revenues into industrial emission reduction projects and technology advancement opportunities.

Jocelyn Fraser

An instructor and research associate at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at UBC, Dr. Jocelyn Fraser focuses on social risk and social responsibility in the international mining sector. She is particularly interested in investigating ways in which mining companies can collaborate with communities to develop a business strategy with parallel goals: improving operational performance while delivering tangible social benefits that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).