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Rack Support Building: An Innovative Technique For Warehouse Storage Construction

Hosted By The Tri-City Branch

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
6:00 PM–8:00 PM
Douglas College: Coquitlam Campus 1250 Pinetree Way Coquitlam BC V3B 7X3
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Event Description

Join the Tri-City Branch at the upcoming session on rack supported building, an innovative way of constructing warehouse storage spaces. This technique uses a racking system that provides structural all-in-one support for the building's structure, roof, and walls.

Event Presenter(s)

Esmail Soleymani 
Founder, Trimet Storage Solutions Inc. and Solico Metal Inc. 

About the Event

Event Description

When planning on the strategy and layout for building an optimized storage and distribution center, companies tend to first contemplate and compare the characteristics of different styles of shelving and racking systems to put in their warehouse. However, in this particular case, the racking system is what actually forms the warehouse itself. Rack supported warehouses are structures almost entirely composed of high-density storage systems which also function as the actual structural support for the facility. In simpler terms, it's a structure completely formed by racks used in selective systems and then covered over with a unique and highly resistant shell. However, in this case, the racks are designed to be extremely resistant in order to be able to withstand the weight of the ceiling while simultaneously supporting the walls.

Any warehouse can be designed with a rack supported structure; however, the value of this architecture is most appreciated in structures over 40 feet in height, wherever permitted by local regulations. In addition, automated and semi-automated systems are responsible for material handling and inventory control systems. An AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) is ideal to be implemented in this type of building to ensure the maximum efficiency and functionality.


Esmail Soleymani

Esmail Soleymani has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and specializes in system design and optimization, supply chain and logistics, inventory management, management information system, project management, and quality management systems. Esmail is the founder of Trimet Storage Solutions Inc. and Solico Metal Inc. With over 25+ years working in storage solutions and material handling automation, and supply chain and logistics consultation, Esmail also specializes in warehouse space design and optimization such as RSB, AS/RS, order and pallet picking systems.