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Unleashing Peak Performance: The Art and Science of Mastering Workplace Productivity

Monday, April 22, 2024
8:00 AM–8:30 AM Pacific time: Registration and Login
8:30 AM–4:30 PM Pacific time: Webinar

Eligible for 7.0 CE Hour(s) of Communications and Leadership Learning

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Jennifer Wu | Continuing Education Coordinator
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Event Presenter(s)

Ben Loewen

Ben Loewen, an MBA Candidate at the Thompson Rivers University Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics, is not only a professional Civil Engineer and accomplished project manager but also a dedicated educator. With a focus on strategic business practice assessments, communication enhancement, and optimization of organizational strategies, Ben’s goal is to empower individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential. His primary objective is to provide instructive and thought-provoking content that propels the growth of healthy and successful organizations.

Ben's proactive and innovative approach places a premium on productivity and efficiency without compromising on the core values of employee and employer well-being. His curriculum is designed for application in both the private and public sectors, mirroring his commitment to driving progress across a diverse range of industries.

About the Event

Seminar Description

In today's rapidly evolving and demanding work landscape, the pursuit of organizational efficiency has never been more crucial. Professionals often find themselves caught in a whirlwind of tasks, struggling to discern between meaningful work and mere busyness. The constant barrage of distractions, coupled with the pressure to balance multiple responsibilities, both internal and client-based, can hinder true productivity.

So often there is a lack of structured approach to:
  1. Identifying workflow priorities and the inevitable bottlenecks that accompany them,
  2. Implementing high-impact communication strategies, and
  3. Critically assessing and optimizing current business practices.

Organizations and individuals alike are seeking effective strategies to manage time, resources, and workflows that enhance both employee well-being and company growth.

This seminar addresses the growing need for a comprehensive approach to productivity that goes beyond mere task completion, enabling participants to thrive in a dynamic and demanding professional environment. Furthermore, it delves deep into the heart of the productivity challenge, offering actionable solutions and insights to tackle everyday workplace dilemmas head-on. Using the strategies and step-by-step guides covered in this course, participants will leave having developed a personalized productivity plan tailored to their unique needs. 


By the end of this session, attendees will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  1. Strategic Priority Assessment:
    • How to identify growth impeding bottlenecks
    • Optimize workflow tasks
    • Implement streamlined decision-making strategies
  2. Unlocking High-Impact Communication:
    • How to enhance daily, weekly, and quarterly meetings
    • Streamline interactions with clients, colleagues, and direct reports
    • Improve delegation strategies
    • Cultivate effective collaboration
  3. Business Practice Optimization:
    • How to refine sales processes
    • Analyze pricing strategies
    • Conduct in-depth market assessments
    • Uncover opportunities for economies of scale
    • Align short-term and long-term decision-making priorities
  4. Leveraging Technological Advances:
    • How to revolutionize workflows and boost business-wide productivity with the latest software integrations

Target Audience

This seminar is designed for Engineers and Geoscientists who are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in driving the ongoing success of their organizations. This course is suitable for professionals across various roles and career stages, encompassing upper management, middle management, and early career professionals. The content is customized for those who want to play an integral part in streamlining business processes, prioritizing high-impact communication, optimizing business practices, and leveraging the latest business programs in the pursuit of personal and organizational growth.