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Conflict Resolution

Thursday, March 21, 2024
Registration/Log-In: 8:15 AM–8:30 AM Pacific time
Course: 8:30 AM–12:30 PM Pacific time

4.0 CE Hour(s) of Communications and Leadership Learning

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Jen Chan | Senior Continuing Education Coordinator
Direct: 604.412.4861
Toll Free: 1.888.430.8035 ext.4861

Event Presenter(s)

Scott Tillema
The Negotiations Collective

About the Event

Whether in the workplace or your day-to-day life, conflict is inevitable. It occurs between individuals or departments who care about a particular matter but have opposing views. As professionals, caring about your team, departments, leaders, and guest experience is critical to your livelihood. 

It is understandable that when one encounters opposition, your immediate reaction may be one of anxiety, anger, or frustration. Instead of backing away from the conflict, this workshop aims to have you engage strategically and when appropriate. 

Tools and techniques will be provided on how to control your reaction, get to the root cause of the problem, and determine an acceptable solution going forward. We explore the “FEARs” or the four factors that drive people’s decision-making: fairness, empathy, autonomy, and recognition. We give self-regulation techniques by using three common ways people react negatively to conflict: defensiveness, blaming, and loss of self-control. Next, we teach the eight skills of active listening, discuss techniques to engage others, and the most common pieces of terminology and steps of effective negotiation processes, allowing for effective resolution strategies in conflict resolution.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the four drivers of human behaviour
  • Articulate the impact emotion has on decision making
  • Know the three expected responses to stressful situations
  • Demonstrate the eight skills of active listening
  • Correctly explain the power of non-verbal behaviour and various ways to use it
  • Identify the six principles of influence
  • Put into practice various negotiation resolution strategies

Presenter Bio

Scott is an internationally recognized crisis negotiator, advisor, trainer, and keynote speaker. He is known and respected for his experience negotiating in highly charged situations, with high stakes, and when the situation requires sensitivity to the human element. Clients, audiences, and students alike find Scott’s teachings insightful, inspiring, and pragmatic.   
Scott has over 20 years of law enforcement experience in the United States and retired from a Chicago area police department in 2023 at the rank of Lieutenant. In 2007, he was trained by the FBI in hostage and crisis negotiation and has been involved in the field since that time. Scott worked as a negotiator with one of the largest regional SWAT teams in the U.S. for many years before moving into the role of a negotiations speaker and trainer. He has studied negotiation at the Harvard University Program on Negotiation and at IMD Business School, and he continues to receive training from the world’s top negotiators.  

Scott is a prolific trainer within the negotiation field and travels the country and around the world speaking to a wide variety of audiences. He has taught negotiations at Harvard University, for the FBI, and has keynoted for companies such as Microsoft and Bosch. In 2016, he was invited to give a TEDx talk titled “The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators,” which has received over 1 million views. His visibility as a speaker and educator through TEDx and other venues has reached global status. Scott currently resides in the Chicago area and is a partner and co-founder with the Negotiations Collective.