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Is my Aquifer Confined or Unconfined? Tips and Tricks from a Northern Hydrogeologist

Hosted by the Central Interior Branch

Thursday, May 23, 2024
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Pacific time

Eligible for 1 CE Hour(s) of Technical Learning

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Event Presenter(s)

Warren Grafton, P.Geo., is a Principal Hydrogeologist with Western Water Associates Ltd. with a diverse range of experience operating in Northern British Columbia. He’s a proud Prince George local and graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia. Having been born and raised in the Prince George area, Warren prides himself on approaching projects from a Northern perspective to ensure quality and efficiency for projects in our unique work environment (snow, lots of snow). Mr. Grafton’s experience includes high capacity groundwater supply for first nations and municipalities, management of flowing artesian wells, and Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for large wastewater disposal systems. He also has significant experience in contaminated site assessment and remediation.

About the Event

In numerous engineering applications, ranging from wastewater treatment and disposal to drinking water treatment or contaminated site investigations, a pivotal question revolves around the underlying aquifer: "Is the aquifer confined or unconfined?" This determination fundamentally shapes an engineer's design direction, influencing decisions on the level of protection against surficial contamination, the feasibility of effluent disposal to the ground, the need for significant groundwater treatment for drinking water purposes, and the potential impact of drawing water from the aquifer on surface water sources. While traditionally, professionals rely on well logs to identify a thick clay unit for this determination, hydrogeologists employ a diverse array of clues and methodologies to make this crucial distinction. This tutorial will delve into a comprehensive range of tips and tricks that provide early indications of whether an aquifer is confined or unconfined, along with insights into the methodologies employed by hydrogeologists to make the final determination. Anticipate an engaging discussion led by an enthusiastic self-described groundwater nerd, with ample opportunities for interactive discourse, particularly focused on northern aquifers.