Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program

In 2002 association members voted to make Secondary Professional Liability Insurance coverage a mandatory requirement of registration with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. Under Bylaw 17, Council is empowered to set and collect the required fee from all members. The policy provides all members with $250,000 in secondary liability coverage, plus defense costs, to protect them against claims made while the policy is in force.

This coverage is not for firms, corporations, public entities, or employers, as these groups are expected to carry specific liability coverage as part of their business.

There are some specific restrictions on the policy (which can change with the annual policy renewal) and members are advised to read the policy details carefully.

Learn more about the program on the Engineers Canada website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Secondary Professional Liability Group Insurance Plan – Certificate of Insurance
Secondary Professional Liability Group Insurance Plan – Policy wording and Policy and Endorsements

Insurance Provided

The Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program has been created to assist Canadian engineering and geoscience licensing bodies in their mandate to uphold and protect the safety and interests of the public and environment. Coverage is not intended for firms, corporations, public entities, or employers. These groups are expected to carry professional liability insurance for their business. A key element of this insurance is that it assists and enables engineers and geoscientists to fulfill their role of protection of the public through the ability to seek advice in whistleblower situations.

To find out more, view the Engineers Canada video about whistleblowing coverage.

Who is Insured?

All members in good standing of the Provincial/Territorial professional associations participating in this program are insured. These associations are Engineers and Geoscientists BC, APEGA, APEGS, APEGM, APEGNB, APENS, APEPEI, APEY, APGO, NAPEG, OGQ, and PEGNL.

The policy does not cover firms.

Coverage Details

  • Coverage per Member: $250,000 per claim plus defense costs
  • Aggregate per project: $500,000
  • Includes $75,000 for legal advice related to whistleblowing and $75,000 for loss of income related to whistleblowing action
  • Deductible per Claim: None

For additional information and questions about your secondary professional liability coverage contact the Program Hotline at 1.800.361.9080.

The Master Insurance Policy contains terms and conditions that determine how and when the insurance coverage applies. Nothing in the FAQ document is intended to or will override, alter or eliminate the specific wording of the Master Policy.