3-D Chalk Art to Celebrate 100 Years of Engineering and Geoscience

Posted on March 20, 2020

In honour of Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s 100th anniversary as well as National Engineering and Geoscience Month, we are bringing 3-D chalk art to five locations across British Columbia. This unique form of street art tricks the viewer’s eyes into seeing three-dimensional scenarios and objects on completely flat surfaces.

Created by prominent street artist Chalkmaster Dave, the 3-D chalk art will give the public a glimpse inside the world of engineering and geoscience. It will highlight three major engineering and geoscience feats that had a lasting impact on the province of BC: the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the demise of Ripple Rock, and the construction of the William R. Bennett Bridge.

The 3-D chalk art will make its debut on Thursday, March 5, at the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Centennial Celebration at Science World. This event will celebrate the organization’s 100-year history and the continued growth and evolution of the industry. The chalk art will remain at Science World until Sunday, March 29.

Following the Centennial Celebration, 3-D chalk art will pop up in the following four locations across the province.

  • Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna from March 7 through April 7;
  • Prince George Civic Centre from March 9 through April 7;
  • Vancouver Public Library from March 10 through March 29; and
  • Victoria Public Market from March 16 through April 5.

National Engineering and Geoscience Month is a celebration of engineering and geoscience held every year in March. This month-long event promotes awareness of engineering and geoscience professions, highlights career choices in these fields, and reminds the public of the many ways in which engineering and geoscience touch everyday lives.

To learn more about National Engineering and Geoscience Month and other activities planned throughout March, visit egbc.ca/negm.

Join in the celebration on social media: using the #100YearsOfPossibility hashtag and share your chalk art and other photos from National Engineering and Geoscience Month. For more details, visit egbc.ca/About/100-Years/Social-Media.

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