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Board Discusses AGM Motion to Cap Fee Increases

Posted on February 26, 2024
Board Discusses AGM Motion to Cap Fee Increases
Concerns from registrants about licencing fee increases triggered two motions at the organization’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) last October. The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Board considered these motions at its February 16 meeting.

The first motion requested the Board consider limiting future licencing fee increases to no more than 2% per year. The Board members appreciated the registrants’ concerns that led the motion. However, the Board heard from the Finance, Audit, and Risk (FAR) Sub-Committee that such a constraint would limit budget flexibility and restrict the ability for the Board to meet its mandate. It would also add difficulty to addressing inflationary challenges.

Board members agreed and passed the following motion: “Having carefully considered the 2023 AGM Motion 2, and to ensure that the organization is adequately and sustainably resourced to fulfill its mandate, the Board rejects setting a numerical cap on future fee increases and re-affirms its rigorous adherence to the budget guidelines that have been established to support a robust budgeting process."

The second motion asked the Board to consider past surpluses when setting future annual licensing fees. The FAR Sub-Committee noted that such reviews already take place, but formalized this practice by approving a motion that the Budget Guidelines “include a provision for the Board to consider past surpluses/deficits when setting future annual licensing fees for registrants and firms."

A third motion from the 2023 AGM, which asked the Board to consider a larger seed fund for the newly established advocacy body, will be considered by the Board at their April 19, 2024, meeting.

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