Climate Change Action Plan "What We Heard" Report Now Available

Posted on November 4, 2020

The What We Heard Report is now available on our website, summarizing the feedback we heard from registrants on the development of the Climate Change Action Plan.


The earth’s climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and this presents new and evolving challenges, risks, and opportunities, that will need to be considered by registrants in the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities.

The Climate Change Advisory Group is leading the development of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's first Climate Change Action Plan, the first plan of its kind across engineering and geoscience regulatory bodies in North America. The plan will provide strategic direction for how Engineers and Geoscientists BC can better support its registrants in their professional practice and respond to climate change issues proactively rather than reactively.

To ensure this plan accommodates the complexity and breadth of areas of practice amongst registrants, we embarked on an engagement process to help understand the unique drivers and requirements of registrants.

From February to July 2020, we sought feedback from registrants, industry professionals, and the wider professional community—through written submissions, webinars, one-on-one meetings, and focus groups—on how it should approach climate change issues related to the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

What We Heard Report Overview

There were several recurring themes heard throughout the engagement process that related to climate change in the context of professional practice. We heard widespread support for Engineers and Geoscientists BC to take action, and in particular for improved access to education and guidance on climate change. Registrants asked for education and guidance that is specific and relevant to professional practice, considers climate risks (i.e., likelihood and consequences), and recognizes that climate change is one of many considerations relevant to professional practice.

Registrants also highlighted challenges they encountered in responding to climate change in their professional practice and provided suggestions for specific actions Engineers and Geoscientists BC could include in its plan.

Next Steps

Feedback provided by registrants throughout the engagement process was analyzed to understand key areas for support, challenges to address, potential initiatives and opportunities, and potential actions to be included within the plan.

Built on this analysis and input from the Climate Action Planning Steering Committee, the current Climate Change Action Plan will be presented to Council in November 2020. For more information and to access the What We Heard Report, visit our consultation page.

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