Did you miss the deadline for Annual Reporting Requirements?

Posted on July 6, 2022

The deadline for registrants to complete their Continuing Education (CE) Program and Annual Reporting requirements was June 30. Registrants who did not meet the deadline must complete their requirements and pay late fees by September 30 to avoid suspension.

Complete Requirements by September 30 

Practising registrants (with the designations P.Eng., P.Geo., P.L.Eng., P.L.Geo.) and Practising Life Members must complete and report their CE activities before completing their Annual Reporting requirements. More information on the CE reporting requirements can be found on our Program Overview page or by watching this video. 

Trainees (i.e., EITs and GITs) and Non-practising Life Members are exempt from CE Program requirements; however, all registrants must complete the Annual Reporting process.

To avoid suspension, registrants must complete CE activities, Annual Reporting, and pay late fees within the Annual Reporting system by September 30. Registrants who have not completed their Annual Reporting by December 31, 2022, will have their registration cancelled. 

Compliance Check 

To ensure you have completed your CE Program requirements, navigate to the CE Reporting System, and look for a green check mark next to the Ethical Learning hours, Regulatory Learning hours, and the CE Plan button. To confirm Annual Reporting has been submitted, look for the green banner in the Annual Reporting system. Registrants who complete their requirements will receive a confirmation email after submitting their Annual Reporting.

Late Fees 

If you did not complete Annual Reporting by June 30, you will be required to pay a $100 late fee upon completion of your Annual Reporting. If you did not complete the CE Program requirements by June 30, you will be required to pay an additional $200 late fee upon completion of your Annual Reporting. To avoid suspension, late fees must be paid by September 30.

More Information  

For questions about your Annual Reporting requirements, visit our Annual Reporting page, email  [email protected], or call 604.412.4896.  
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