Disciplinary Notice: Ahmed Raza Syed, P.Eng., Surrey, BC

Posted on February 28, 2018
Engineers and Geoscientists BC issued two Notices of Inquiry to Mr. Ahmed Raza Syed in June 2017 related to two separate complaint matters. The Notices of Inquiry concerned Mr. Syed’s failure to comply with requests by the Investigation Committee of Engineers and Geoscientists BC that he provide his complete files for multiple projects that were the subject of the complaint matters (the “Projects”).  

A disciplinary inquiry was held on July 20, 2017. A panel of the Discipline Committee (the “Panel”) heard evidence from witnesses and Mr. Syed in relation to the allegations set out in the Notices of Inquiry.  

On September 18, 2017, the Panel issued its Determination, which stated that the allegations set out in the Notices of Inquiry were proven on the balance of probabilities and constitute a breach of s.30(4) of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 116.  

On February 4, 2018, the Panel issued its Decision and Order on Penalty and Costs, and imposed the following conditions on Mr. Syed’s membership with Engineers and Geoscientists BC:
  1. He must pay a fine in the amount of $5,000.
  2. He must complete and pass the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Professional Practice Examination and provide written notice once he has done so.
  3. He must complete the Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar and provide written notice once he has done so.  
  4. He must pay costs to Engineers and Geoscientists BC in the amount of $7,500.
  5. If he does not fulfill the requirements of items 1–4 by May 31, 2018, his membership in Engineers and Geoscientists BC will be suspended until he has done so.

The full text of the Consent Order agreed to by Mr. Syed can be found in the Disciplinary Actions section of our website.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s website contains information on our complaint, investigation and discipline process. You can contact us at 604.558.6647 or toll-free at 1.888.430.8035 ext. 6647 or by email at [email protected].
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