Disciplinary Notice: Ahmed Raza Syed, P.Eng., Surrey, BC

Posted on January 10, 2019

The Discipline Committee of the association issued an interim order suspending Mr. Syed’s membership, related to allegations that he did not perform adequate engineering work or analysis prior to the installation of glass guardrails at several properties in Langford, BC. Mr. Syed is suspended from practising professional engineering pending the conclusion of a disciplinary inquiry currently scheduled for February 20 and 21, 2019.

On December 23, 2018, the Discipline Committee of Engineers and Geoscientists BC suspended the membership of Ahmed Raza Syed, P.Eng., on an interim basis, pending the conclusion of a disciplinary hearing currently scheduled for February 20 and 21, 2019. Both the interim suspension and the disciplinary hearing relate to engineering services Mr. Syed provided regarding glass guardrail systems for multiple residential properties in Langford, BC.

The association’s Discipline Committee found that the evidence concerning Mr. Syed’s practice was sufficient to establish a real risk of danger to the public if Mr. Syed was not suspended pending the outcome of the disciplinary inquiry. The panel also found that an interim suspension was the least restrictive action proportionate to the risk Mr. Syed’s practice poses to the public interest. In its determination, the Discipline Committee wrote the following:

The Panel accepted that this was an urgent application because the evidence gathered in the latter stages of the investigation revealed profound public safety concerns. There is a significant risk that guard rails that are not properly designed and installed in accordance with Code requirements may fail, which, in turn, can lead to serious injury or death.

The evidence concerning Mr. Syed’s practice is sufficient to establish that there is a real risk of danger to the public if an interim order is not made pending the outcome of the inquiry.

In view of the evidence suggesting that Mr. Syed may be operating as a seal for hire and his inability to answer basic engineering questions and perform a basic calculation during the interview, the Panel finds that immediate interim action is necessary to protect the public.

The full text of the order can be found in the Disciplinary Notices section of our website.

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