Duty to Report Requirements

Posted on September 8, 2021

Fulfilling the duty to report obligation is an important role that registrants play to protect the public. Under Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s revised Code of Ethics, the duty to report is an ethical obligation for a registrant to report to the appropriate authority about regulated practice that may pose a risk of significant harm to the environment or health or safety of the public, and conduct which may be illegal or unethical.

This new duty in the updated Engineers and Geoscientists BC Code of Ethics stems from the Professional Governance Act (PGA), which outlines a new statutory duty to report. Under the PGA, all registrants, including registrant firms, have a duty to report situations where the regulated practice of another registrant (including a firm) may pose a risk of significant harm to the environment or to the health or safety of the public.

How Registrants Can Report

If you are considering reporting, we recommend reviewing section 4.9.6 of the Guide to the Code of Ethics, which outlines considerations for registrants in reporting a significant risk of harm, illegal activity, or unethical behaviour. If you have questions following review of the Guide to the Code of Ethics, contact [email protected]. Once you determine you need to report, contact [email protected]. Failure to report could be an offence under section 106 of the PGA, or a possible investigation and discipline action by Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

Protections for Reporting Registrants

A reprisal is an act of retaliation against a registrant who makes a report under the PGA. To ensure registrants are protected, section 103 of the PGA prohibits anyone from evicting, discharging, suspending, expelling, intimidating, coercing, imposing any pecuniary or other penalty on or otherwise discriminating against a registrant who makes a report. And, section 106 of the PGA makes reprisals against reporting registrants an offence, and any person convicted is subject to penalties.

Resources For Registrants

Several resources are available to assist registrants in navigating the duty to report requirements.

If you have questions when considering to report, contact a Practice Advisor at [email protected].

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