Enforcement Action: Unauthorized Practice and Misuse of Title

Posted on February 7, 2018

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has a duty under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act to protect the public by preventing individuals who are not registered as professional engineers or geoscientists from engaging in professional engineering or geoscience or from using titles or designations that could mislead the public into believing that they are entitled to practice either profession.

To fulfill this duty, the association takes action to prevent the unauthorized practice and misuse of title by individuals who are not members or licensees of the association. Files are opened in response to complaints received from the public or from other organizations, as well as in response to concerns identified internally by association staff.

The association typically handles 60–100 unauthorized practice and misuse-of-title files each year. We refer to these internally as “enforcement” files. While most enforcement files are resolved by consent, the association takes legal action to seek assistance from the courts in cases where non-members do not voluntarily bring themselves into compliance with the Engineers and Geoscientists Act.

Recently concluded enforcement files include the following:

  • The association entered into a letter of undertaking with Brad Cook, a non-member who implied that he was a professional engineer in correspondence and in a document filed with the British Columbia Supreme Court. Cook agreed to, among other things, rectify the error by seeking amendment of the court document and refraining from implying status as a professional engineer in the future.
  • The association entered into a letter of undertaking with Milan Balun, a non-member who submitted drawings to an Authority Having Jurisdiction on which he affixed a professional engineer’s stamp without the member’s knowledge. Balun admitted to contravening the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, agreed to refrain from such conduct in the future, and agreed that the association could refer to the admissions in the letter of undertaking in future legal proceedings if he breached any of its terms.

You can find more unauthorized practice and misuse-of-title file outcomes in the Complaints and Discipline section of our website.

To report unauthorized practice or misuse of title, please contact Rohan Hill, Staff Lawyer, Regulatory Affairs at [email protected].

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