First Sections of the Professional Governance Act Come into Force

Posted on June 4, 2019

The first set of regulations for the Professional Governance Act (the Act) took effect on June 1, 2019. These regulations establish the new Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance allowing for the appointment of the Superintendent, their staff, and the establishment of the office. In addition, the new regulations bring into force some of the new requirements pertaining to elections and nominations, specifically a requirement that all candidates standing for election must be approved by the Nominating Committee using a merit-based process.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC was prepared for this new requirement. Having anticipated the change, the association established a new merit-based selection process, which was developed by an advisory group, and sought government feedback. Our new nomination process is currently underway and fully compliant with the new requirements. It has also been noted by government as a model for the other regulators to follow.

Accordingly, beginning this year, nominations for election can only be made by the association’s Nominating Committee. Additionally, under the new regulations, nomination by 25 members is no longer permitted. 

While the new legislation sets out the broad policy framework, the majority of the Act requires the development of supporting, more detailed, regulations. These regulations must be approved by Cabinet before the associated provisions of the Act, and the new requirements on the five professional regulators, take effect.

In November 2018, the BC Government passed the Professional Governance Act, which will consolidate government oversight of the five professional regulators for engineering and geoscience, forestry, agrology, applied biology, and applied science technology under a new Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance. The legislation will be implemented through regulation over the next few years; each regulation is expected to involve its own consultation process that Engineers and Geoscientists BC will participate in.

More information on the Professional Governance Act is available on our website.

Full details about the candidate selection process, current and future changes to Council nominations, and important dates in 2019 for Council nominations and election is provided on our website.

Photo: © LIJUAN GUO / Fotolia

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