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Five Ways to Prepare for Annual Reporting

Posted on April 3, 2024
Five Ways to Prepare for Annual Reporting
With Annual Reporting starting May 1, now is the time for registrants to make sure they have all their requirements completed so they can meet the June 30 filing deadline.

Here are five ways to get ready. Once that’s done, it will take less than 10 minutes to complete your Annual Reporting.

1. Understand the Requirement

Annual Reporting is the process of updating your personal and professional information and completing annual declarations in the Annual Reporting system, which is accessed from your Account Dashboard.

Registrants in the following categories need to submit Annual Reporting:

  • Professional Registrants;
  • Trainees (EITs and GITs); and
  • Registrants with a declared Non-Practising or Retired status.

Only Non-Practising Life registrants and newly registered individuals (i.e., registrants receiving their first registration as a professional or trainee in BC after May 1) are exempt from Annual Reporting. Registrants who need to complete Annual Reporting will have the requirement listed in their Account Dashboard.

2. Complete Continuing Education (CE) Activities

Professional registrants must complete CE activities and record them in the CE reporting system before submitting their Annual Reporting. Once that’s done, your CE declaration can be submitted in the Annual Reporting system. The CE declaration involves checking that your requirements are complete, affirming that an up-to-date CE plan was completed during the reporting year, and verifying that the information in the CE reporting system is correct.

Check your Account Dashboard for a comprehensive list of customized CE requirements and deadlines.

3. Apply for Exemption or Non-Practising Status

Registrants on medical, parental, or compassionate care leaves or experiencing extenuating circumstances can apply for a CE exemption or Annual Reporting deferral. See the CE FAQs for more information.

Professional registrants who are not practising in BC and are not intending to return to practice within 18 months should apply for Non-Practising/Retired status to have the CE Reporting requirement removed from their Annual Reporting submission. See the Non-Practising Registrant page for more information.

4. Add Safe Senders

To ensure you receive email reminders about Annual Reporting, verify that the preferred email address on record is checked regularly. Additionally, registrants can prevent emails from being moved into their junk folder by adding “” to the safe-senders list in their email settings.

5. Set Reminders

We recommend registrants set up annual recurring reminders in their personal or professional calendar to avoid missing the June 30 deadline.

Completing Annual Reporting as soon as possible will help reduce the chance of encountering technical issues and gives registrants more time to request support from Engineers and Geoscientists BC if needed.