Four Guidelines Issued to Support Professional Practice

Posted on February 6, 2020

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has recently issued four professional practice guidelines: one guideline on watershed assessment and management of hydrologic and geomorphic risk in the forest sector; one guideline on retaining wall design; one guideline related to annual Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) of BC equipment certifications and inspections; and a revision to one guideline on Building Enclosure Engineering Services.

These guidelines, and other professional practice guidelines and practice-related resources, are provided at

Guidelines for Building Enclosure Engineering Services

Professional practice guidelines, titled Building Enclosure Engineering Services, revised in February 2020, provide a common approach for conducting a range of professional activities related to Building Enclosure engineering and design. Specifically, these guidelines set out the standards of practice that a Building Enclosure Engineer must generally follow and meet when providing Building Enclosure engineering services for building projects.

These guidelines outline responsibility with architects for various types of building projects; they also outline the various Letters of Assurance and/or alternate accountability documents that may be required, in accordance with the applicable Building Code, Local Regulations, and best practices described in these guidelines.

Guidelines for Retaining Wall Design

Professional practice guidelines, titled Retaining Wall Design, published in November 2019 and updated February 2020, will help engineering professionals design retaining walls in a consistent manner. The guidelines outline project roles and responsibilities, provide advice about how to incorporate best practices (such as providing complete documentation), and describe appropriate quality management procedures. The guidelines focus on the geotechnical aspects of retaining walls but also include some regulatory and structural issues. The guidelines include an assurance statement to assist engineering professionals consider and address relevant regulatory and technical issues.

Guidelines For Watershed Assessment And Management Of Hydrologic And Geomorphic Risk In The Forest Sector

Professional practice guidelines, titled Watershed Assessment and Management of Hydrologic and Geomorphic Risk in the Forest Sector, were published in January 2020. The new guidelines are expected to help engineering, geoscience, and forest professionals—along with other specialists—understand their respective roles and obligations when assessing watersheds and managing their associated hydrologic and geomorphic risks. The guidelines provide a framework (and examples) for risk assessment and management, describe the principles that shape the definition of a watershed assessment scope, and provide assurance statements for professionals making submissions related to practice in this area.

Guidelines for Annual Equipment Inspection and Certification in BC

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has also issued guidelines titled Certification of Annual Equipment Inspections in British Columbia, in conjunction with WorkSafeBC. The guidelines, published in January 2020, will help clarify the requirements of the inspection and certification of equipment listed in the OHSR of BC that requires annual certification by an engineering professional. The guidelines also cover other equipment for which inspection and certification has been requested.

Guideline Training Webinars and Seminars

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has scheduled a number of training sessions in support specific Professional Practice Guidelines. To learn more about the training offered, visit

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