Further Updates to the BC Building Code Announced

Posted on May 10, 2018
Following an initial group of revisions to the 2012 BC Building Code, released in January 2018, the Building and Safety Standards Branch of the Province of British Columbia announced additional revisions in a technical bulletin on April 18. While the first group of changes in January were mainly related to updates to Letters of Assurance and Part 10 (Energy) aspects of the Code, the recent ones noted in Technical Bulletin 18-02 are more miscellaneous in nature, and include: 
  • Removing a relaxation for guards or opening restrictions for windows in dwelling units that are not above other dwelling units 
  •  Permitting passive supply air ventilation for secondary suites in buildings conforming to the BC Energy Step Code 
  • More consistency between definitions for mechanical energy use intensity, total energy use intensity
  • Clarification on area for assumed air leakage for Part 3 buildings 
  • Clarification of the energy modelling reporting options in Division C, and
  • A new appendix note on Floor Area.

The April 2018 revision also includes minor editorial revisions. 

Both sets of revisions are effective as of January 31, 2018. The full text of Technical Bulletin B18-02 can be found at www.gov.bc.ca/buildingcodes.

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