Improvements to Continuing Education and Annual Reporting

Posted on March 1, 2023

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is improving the Continuing Education (CE) and Annual Reporting (AR) processes for registrants this year.

Last year, many registrants had concerns about the process to comply with the new requirements for CE and AR reporting, which are aligned with the Professional Governance Act (PGA). In a survey last summer, registrants told the organization they wanted to see improvements to the reporting system, process, and communications.

As a result, adjustments have been made for this year's reporting period, ending June 30, 2023.

Key changes to the reporting program and process:

  1. Bylaw amendments
    1. Practising registrants will no longer have to upload a CE Plan, although they are still required to complete one and provide it in the event of a compliance audit.
    2. Non-Practising Life members are no longer required to complete the AR process.
    3. Non-Practising and Retired registrants are no longer required to participate in the CE Program.
  2. New account dashboard
    1. A new account dashboard at is coming this spring that will provide a personalized checklist of a registrant’s requirements and the status of each requirement.
  3. CE Reporting System update
    1. CE Hours for courses completed in the Knowledge Centre by registrants will be automatically recorded in the CE Reporting System.
  4. Updated resources
    1. CE Plan templates are available.
    2. Website improvements will be made to help with ease of navigation and information sharing.
  5. Practising registrants can report their Continuing Education activities throughout the year with annual requirements due on June 30. Annual Reporting begins May 1 and is due June 30 every year.

Visit the CE Program webpage or the AR webpage to learn more about updated requirements.

Photo Credit: Unsplash | Mike Benna

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