It's Time for Membership Renewal - Here's What's New for 2019

Posted on November 8, 2018

The deadline to renew your membership is January 1, 2019. You can renew your membership online by logging into your account, or renew via mail or fax by returning the renewal form.

For most members, the renewal process will be identical to that of previous years. However, earlier this fall, members voted to ratify amendments to four bylaws related to non-practising, life or limited licensure, and honorary memberships. These bylaw changes will impact certain members when they renew their membership.

Non-Practising Members

Non-practising membership will allow members who are not practising engineering or geoscience to optionally move to Non-Practising Membership status. The annual fee for non-practising professional membership is 50% of the fee of a practicing membership, but non-practising members must sign a declaration promising not to engage in professional practice. They must also use one of two qualified titles: “Non-Practising” or “Retired”.

Non-practising members are still members of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, and will continue to have the right to vote and participate on certain non-technical association boards and committees. However, they must reaffirm their non-practising status annually and refrain from professional engineering or geoscience work, including unpaid or volunteer work. For more information, please see the Guideline & FAQ For Non-Practising Status.

For 2019, members will have the opportunity to change their membership status when they renew their annual membership. Members can re-apply for practising status anytime by submitting an application and application fee under the Return to Practice Procedure. Requirements for confirming technical competence are determined by the length of time the member has been non-practising.

For more details about Non-Practising Membership, visit the Non-Practising Membership page.

Digital Member Cards

As of 2019, member cards will be going digital. You will be able to access your card through your account. You can also opt-in to receive a printed card.

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