Mentoring Program Strives to Connect Members across Province

Posted on January 9, 2019

The simple act of a senior professional sharing advice with a less experienced professional can make a profound difference in the crucial stages of a career. That’s why the month of January has been set aside to highlight the importance of mentoring.

National Mentoring Month recognizes the growth of the mentoring movement, the promotion of building a mentoring culture, and the fostering of new mentoring relationships. Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s mentoring program highlights great rewards to members looking to receive or offer advice.

The mentoring program connects members-in-training and new professional members with experienced professionals willing to share and transfer their skills and knowledge. The mentoring program is an essential resource for topics including advice on career planning, succession and retirement, entrepreneurship and Engineers and Geoscientists BC registration process.

Current mentees say that the mentoring program provides them with more opportunities and support in their overall professional development. But John Suyte, Mentoring Program Coordinator at Engineers and Geoscientists BC, says successful mentorships benefit both parties. “To create a successful mentoring program,” he says, “the goals have to be clearly defined and equally celebrated when milestones are achieved."

For mentors, beyond the personal rewards of goodwill and “paying it forward”, mentoring can help sharpen leadership and coaching skills often needed in later years of a career. It is also a recognized continuing professional development activity.

As part of national mentoring month, members can help expand the mentoring movement by joining Engineers and Geoscientists BC mentoring program. The commitment length is flexible, but participants meet regularly through a one-year term, and invest at least one hour per month into mentoring activities, such as meetings or email correspondence. Participants can browse through the associations listing of over 1,000 mentors and mentees to find the one right fit. There is no cost to being a mentor or mentee through the association’s mentorship program.

To learn more or to apply to become a mentor/mentee, visit our mentoring page. For questions or more information, contact John Suyte, Mentoring Program Coordinator, [email protected], or 604.412.4885.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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