New Code of Ethics

Posted on January 6, 2021

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is preparing for the implementation of the Professional Governance Act (PGA)—new governing legislation for professional regulators in the natural and built environment, including Engineers and Geoscientists BC and the regulators for forestry, agrology, biology, and applied science technology.

The PGA will replace the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, and introduce new regulatory tools, processes, and requirements for Engineers and Geoscientists BC and its registrants, including an updated Code of Ethics.

All regulators under the PGA must include specific ethical principles in their respective codes of ethics. While many of the ethical principles previously included in the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Code of Ethics align with these principles, other principles have been added to reflect the requirements of this new legislation.

Key Changes to the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics establishes ethical behaviour as the norm within the engineering and geoscience professions, articulates the standard of conduct expected, and facilitates public protection by forming the basis for disciplinary action.

The updated Code of Ethics will include 13 principles, six of which have new or partially updated language (noted below) from the previous principles established in 1991. The 13 principles below summarize the updated Code of Ethics.

  1. Act in the public interest.
  2. Know your limits.
  3. Follow the law (new).
  4. Follow the standards of government or Engineers and Geoscientists BC (new).
  5. Maintain your competence.
  6. State qualifications accurately (new).
  7. Distinguish facts from assumptions and opinions (new).
  8. No conflicts of interest.
  9. You have a duty to report.
  10. Stand your ground.
  11. Each professional is responsible (new in Bylaw).
  12. Work diligently and follow the standards of documentation (partially new).
  13. Do unto others.

The complete text of the updated Code of Ethics is available on our website, at The new Code of Ethics will come into force once the PGA is in effect, which is expected in February 2021. Resources will then be accessible on our website for reference, including guidance documents and frequently asked questions that may help you navigate the changes.

Leading up to the implementation of the PGA, Engineers and Geoscientists BC will host a Code of Ethics webinar on January 27 outlining the key obligations for registrants to be aware of.

If you have questions about the new legislation, contact a Practice Advisor at [email protected], or visit

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