New Guidelines on Groundwater at Risk of Containing Pathogens

Posted on August 6, 2019

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has released new guidelines designed to assist engineering and geoscience professionals conduct groundwater assessments in a consistent manner, and advise on groundwater assessment best practices. The Professional Practice Guidelines – Assessment of Groundwater at Risk of Containing Pathogens were developed with the support of the BC Ministry of Health.

The presence of pathogens in water that is used for human consumption poses a drinking water hazard that endangers public health. To provide additional guidance on the intent of the groundwater legislation, the Health Protection Branch of the BC Ministry of Health released two guidance documents: Guidance Document for Determining Ground Water at Risk of Containing Pathogens (2017) and Drinking Water Treatment Objectives (Microbiological) for Ground Water Supplies in British Columbia (2015).

Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s professional practice guidelines were developed in response to issues raised in the Ministry of Health’s guidance documents, and to address those issues as they relate to the practice of professional engineering and professional geoscience.

These guidelines may assist in addressing systems level risks related to the availability and quality of groundwater sources in consideration of the future projected climate change.

Professional Practice Guidelines and other professional practice resources are provided at

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