New Guidelines on Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings

Posted on December 23, 2020

Engineers and Geoscientists BC, with the support of the Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia, has issued new guidelines titled Professional Practice Guidelines: Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings

These guidelines provide clarity on the expected level of effort, due diligence, and standard of practice expected of engineering professionals when conducting structural condition assessments of existing buildings. These guidelines apply only to condition assessments of existing buildings, not remediation measures or upgrades.

Notably, these guidelines are not intended to replace provisions of other applicable codes, such as the National Building Code of Canada Structural Commentaries (User’s Guide – NBC 2015: Part 4 of Division B), but to provide guidance in applying them.

These guidelines, and other professional practice guidelines and practice-related resources, are provided at

Photo: Luis Leamus/Adobe Stock

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