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New Inductees Celebrated

Posted on May 3, 2023
New Inductees Celebrated

On April 25, Engineers and Geoscientists BC celebrated the induction of 158 new professional engineers and geoscientists.

The ceremony in Vancouver was the first in-person induction event in 3 years. Engineers and Geoscientists BC CEO Heidi Yang, P.Eng., welcomed the inductees, noting the many different journeys the inductees have taken towards their designation.

"For many of you here today, receiving your professional designation may have a unique meaning to you. It may represent the resilience of you or your family, who came to Canada to begin a new life, and worked hard to make that life a reality. Your designation may also represent your perseverance in the face of barriers and challenges that others around you may not have faced."

Board Chair, Mark Adams, P.Eng., encouraged the inductees to become actively involved in volunteering, which has been worthwhile to him.

"Volunteering is a highly rewarding, fulfilling, and worthwhile experience that can help you become a better professional—a professional who truly understands the challenges of others, who naturally keeps an open mind, who feels a sense of community around them, and who understands what’s at the heart of public safety and environmental protection."

Chief Regulatory Officer and Registrar David Pavan, R.Ph., who handed out the certificates with the Board Chair, read the invocation and encouraged the inductees to display their certificates with pride.

Photo credit: Wendy D Photography