New Practice Advisory Addresses Flowing Artesian Wells and Excavations

Posted on July 8, 2020

Engineers and Geoscientists BC issued a practice advisory to inform registrants and licensees about their roles and responsibilities for anticipating and managing flowing artesian conditions during well design and construction, and reporting requirements under the Water Sustainability Act and Groundwater Protection Regulation.

Uncontrolled or poorly constructed flowing artesian wells may result in the chronic loss of valuable groundwater resources. In addition, flowing artesian wells have the potential to cause significant damage to property and risks to life and the environment.

The Water Sustainability Act indicates that the engineering or geoscience professional, the well driller, and the well and/or land owner have a shared responsibility to stop or control artesian flow. Engineering and geoscience professionals must analyze and mitigate risks associated with flowing artesian conditions on a per-project basis, and throughout the screening, planning, design, implementation, and completion stages.

Full details and the current standard of practice, including considerations for well design and construction, and reporting requirements for well construction and decommissioning, are described in the practice advisory.

This and other practice advisories and resources are available at To contact an Engineers and Geoscientists BC practice advisor, email [email protected] or call 1.888.430.8035 or 604.430.8035.

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