Practice Guidelines on Whole Building Energy Modelling Services Released

Posted on September 26, 2018

The Joint Architectural Institute of BC and Engineers and Geoscientists BC Professional Practice Guidelines – Whole Building Energy Modelling Services have been released by the two associations on August 15, 2018, and a companion Continuing Professional Development event is scheduled for October 4.

The purpose of these guidelines is to standardize professional practice for architects and engineers working on projects that use whole building energy modelling, which is the use of computer software to estimate the energy use of a building over a time under certain conditions. These guidelines apply to architects and engineers who are providing, procuring, contributing to, and/or coordinating building energy modelling services on new and existing buildings of all types and sizes, regardless of the requirements for professional design and review within building codes.

The document provides guidance on the provision of building energy modelling and analysis services, such as the responsibilities of members of a design team providing building energy modelling services. They also address considerations that apply when hiring or evaluating the qualifications of a Qualified Modeller, which is defined in these guidelines. In addition, they address the importance of quality assurance for projects that involve whole building energy modelling.

These guidelines will be an important means by which engineers and architects can demonstrate that they have followed industry standard practice when delivering building energy modelling services, which is expected to be in greater demand with increased use of the BC Energy Step Code.

Professional Practice Guidelines - Whole Building Energy Modelling Services is available for download at Information and registration for the October 4 Continuing Professional Development event is provided at

First published on September 6, 2018

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