Program Supporting Members-in-Training and Employers Now Permanent

Posted on June 6, 2018

A pilot training program that helps members-in-training (MITs) quickly get the skills and experience they need for professional licensing has reached a new milestone. Following the successful conclusion of the pilot, the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Accredited Employer Member-in-Training Program is now a permanent offering.

The idea behind the program was to help MITs and their employers work together to meet the shared goal of having MITs become qualified, registered professionals.  It has demonstrated benefits for employers and MITs alike—since launching as a pilot in November 2015, the program has accredited 16 organizations and produced an initial cohort of 34 new professionals. (The program is currently available for engineers-in-training; geoscientists-in-training will be included when competency-based assessment for geoscience applicants becomes available.)

Through the Accredited Employer MIT Program, association registration staff works directly with employers to develop a training program that will ensure the organization’s MITs acquire the competencies required for professional licensure. Once the MIT completes four years of work experience and reports their work examples using the Competency Based Assessment System, their applications qualify for an expedited review process.

Outside the program, the process for reviewing an EIT’s work experience and application can take between 8-16 weeks. However, through the program, this process can take as little as five weeks.  Program administrator Leila Lagroix thinks of it as “a Nexus lane” for professional registration. “Members-in-Training like the program because they get that one-on-one support and know that they’re getting the right kinds of skills and experience. Employers like it because they know their employees will be ready to take on professional responsibility sooner.”

Participating employers can publicise the fact that they are accredited with the association, which can help organizations to recruit and retain EIT and P.Eng. employees. Additionally, the program provides resources to participants that aren’t publically available, such as dedicated support from program staff and training for supervisors.

Through the program, an MIT will be able to accelerate the process towards their license to practise, and the association can be confident that they are qualified to practise as fully licensed professionals.

More information about the Accredited Employer Member-in-Training Program is available here, or by contacting Leila Lagroix at [email protected]

Photo: AES Engineering is a participant in the Accredited Employer MIT Program. Shown in the photo are program staff Jason Ong (left) and Leila Lagroix with Ahmet Ulker, P.Eng.,(center) who heads the program at AES Engineering.

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