Quality Management Guides Now Available

Posted on March 4, 2021

The Professional Governance Act requires Engineers and Geoscientists BC to establish standards of practice, conduct, and competence that all registrants must comply with. These standards are established in Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Bylaws.

To support registrants in understanding the standards of practice, conduct, and competence, Engineers and Geoscientists BC publishes Quality Management Guides. These guides explain the standards for quality management in professional activities and are based on the former Quality Management Guidelines. The guides address the following topics:

  • Direct Supervision
  • Documented Checks of Engineering and Geoscience Work
  • Documented Independent Review of Structural Designs
  • Documented Independent Review of High-Risk Professional Activities or Work
  • Documented Field Reviews during Implementation or Construction
  • Retention of Project Documentation
  • Authentication of Documents
  • Use of Professional Practice Guidelines

These requirements carry forward previous obligations that were in place under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act; however, two new guides are introduced to clarify requirements that were previously embedded in other guidelines. The two new guides are related to the use of professional practice guidelines and independent reviews of high-risk professional activities or work.

The standard for the use of Professional Practice Guidelines requires Engineers and Geoscientists BC to publish and update professional practice guidelines as necessary, and requires registrants to be aware of and follow any guidelines in place relevant to their area of practice. In addition, registrants must document in writing any reason for departing from the established standard of practice within a guideline. More information can be found in the Guide to the Standard for the Use of Professional Practice Guidelines (version 1.0, February 17, 2021).

The standard for independent review(s) of high-risk professional activities or work formalizes the existing requirement for registrants to use a risk-based approach to documented checks. Under this standard, a professional activity or work that has been identified by a Professional of Record as high-risk through a documented risk assessment must undergo a documented independent review(s) before the professional activity or work is submitted to those who will be relying on it. The Guide to the Standard for Independent Review(s) of High-Risk Professional Activities or Work is currently under development and will be presented to Council at its April meeting prior to publication. Detailed information on this standard can currently be found in Bylaw 7.3.6.

The Quality Management Guides and Professional Practice Guidelines can be found on the Practice Resources section of our website.

Questions about standards of practice can be directed to [email protected].

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