Reminder To Update Your Contact Information

Posted on July 7, 2020

In September, Engineers and Geoscientists BC will hold its annual Council election. And, in November, annual renewals will open for registrants to renew their licence with Engineers and Geoscientists BC for 2021. To make sure that you don’t miss essential renewal, Council election, and other important information, take a moment to sign into your account to ensure your email address and contact information are up to date.

Maintaining current contact information means that Engineers and Geoscientists BC can reach registrants with important information throughout the year, including updates on the Professional Governance Act, which will come into force in November 2020, voting information for Council election, renewal information, and professional practice advisories and guidelines related to your area of practice.

COVID-19 has impacted many areas of our operating environment, including our communications methods. For the upcoming annual renewal cycle, Engineers and Geoscientists BC is encouraging registrants to pay their fees electronically to limit the amount of paper handled by staff.

To avoid potential delays associated with paper communications, be sure to add or update your email address on your account. Visit and log in using your 6-digit user ID number and password.

Photo: Wendy D Photography

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