Unauthorized Practice And Misuse Of Title Action: Charles Price, Lake Country, BC

Posted on May 7, 2019

Charles Price was a former professional engineer who ceased to be a member of the Engineers and Geoscientists BC on January 5, 2010. Throughout 2018, Mr. Price engaged in professional engineering work in connection with a carport that was the subject of a building permit application. He signed and applied the likeness of his former professional stamp to Letters of Assurance that were submitted to an authority having jurisdiction, and used the designation "P.Eng." on correspondence. 

The association entered into a letter of undertaking with Mr. Price on March 26, 2019 in which Mr. Price admitted that his actions contravened the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. He agreed to refrain from engaging in the practice of professional engineering or representing himself as a professional engineer in the future. He also paid the association $5,000 in damages, and agreed that the association could refer to the admissions in the letter of undertaking in future legal proceedings if he breached any terms of the letter of undertaking.

The full text of this letter of undertaking is provided at egbc.ca/Complaints/Unauthorized-Practice
Court orders and settlements relating to many of the association’s other unauthorized practice and misuse of title files are available on our website, at egbc.ca/Complaints/Unauthorized-Practice.

To report unauthorized practice or misuse of title, email [email protected].

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