Update on Proposed Bylaw Changes

Posted on July 4, 2018

Council is proposing amendments to four bylaws that govern Life Membership, honorary membership, and the use of the Non-Practising title.

The proposed amendments to these four bylaws will ensure that the association:

  • rescinds bylaw elements that contravene the BC Human Rights Code;
  • better meet public expectations by clearly indicating if a member does not have practice rights;
  • clarifies obligations for non-practising members; and
  • separates honorary recognition from the granting of practice rights.

Progress To Date

From December 2017 to March 2018, Engineers and Geoscientists BC consulted with members on proposed changes to Bylaw 10 (c): Non-practising member, Bylaw 10 (c.1): Life membership or licensure Bylaw 10 (c.2): Honorary life membership or licensure and Bylaw 10 (d): Honorary membership.

Engagement included focus groups with members who would have previously qualified for life membership, a webcast on the changes, a member survey, discussion with the Standing Awards Committee, and phone and email feedback.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC staff presented the results of the consultation on the proposed bylaw amendments to Council in April. Council reviewed the feedback provided by members and made following adjustments to the proposed amendments to Bylaw 10 (c): Non-practising member:

  • Non-practising members will have the opportunity to select one of two restricted titles: P.Eng. (Non-Practising) or P.Eng. (Retired) for 50% of the full fee (pending ratification of the bylaws).

Throughout consultation, it was evident that there is confusion among members as to what constitutes ‘Non-Practising’ status. To ensure clarity and to understand what perceptions or circumstances might deter a member from electing this restricted title, staff held a second set of focus groups in early June to gauge member insights on this specific bylaw. Upon receiving the results, we will provide more details and guidelines to address any concerns or questions.

Next Steps

The association will present the amendments to the proposed bylaws to members for ratification in the fall, in conjunction with the Council election. Amendments to Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s bylaws require at least two-thirds (66.67%) support by voting members in order to pass.

Learn More

For more details on the consultation results, the bylaws and for full text of the proposed amendments, visit egbc.ca/Life-Member-Bylaw-Consultation.

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