Use of Job Titles by EITs and GITs

Posted on June 14, 2016

When working in the fields of engineering and geoscience, it’s important to represent yourself appropriately and accurately to the public. Engineers and Geoscientists BC regulates use of the terms “engineer” and “geoscientist” to protect the public and prevent misrepresentation of an individual’s qualifications to engage in independent practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience. An Engineers and Geoscientists BC policy outlines the parameters for acceptance use of job titles by engineers-in-training (EITs) and geoscientists-in-training (GITs).

The policy states that an individual who is registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC as an EIT or GIT is permitted to use a descriptive job title that includes the word “engineer”, “geoscientist”, or other names, titles, descriptions or abbreviations of names or titles, which are associated with the practice of professional engineering or geoscience, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. when using the job title, the individual is clearly identified as an EIT or GIT in the same communication;
  2. the individual is working under the direct supervision of a registered professional engineer or professional geoscientist who takes professional responsibility for the EIT’s or GIT’s work;
  3. the EIT or GIT works at a firm where there is a professional engineer or professional geoscientist on active staff; and
  4. the individual does not otherwise represent himself/herself or act in such a way that an average member of the public may likely be led to believe that the EIT or GIT is ready or entitled to engage in independent practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience.

The use of engineering or geoscience titles by an EIT or GIT who does not meet the above conditions constitutes a breach of section 52 of the Professional Governance Act, which sets out prohibitions on unauthorized use of title.

Below are some examples of correct and incorrect use of job titles by EITs and GITs:<

Correct Use Incorrect Use
Vincent Leung, GIT
Exploration Geophysicist
Jeffrey Biggs
Mechanical Engineer
(Breaches Condition 1)
Abdul Aman, EIT
Electrical Engineer
Ravi Prasad, GIT
Chief Geoscientist
(Breaches Condition 4)
Adam Rodan, GIT
Sonya Prasad, EIT
Senior Structural Engineer
(Breaches Condition 4)
Jesse Saunders

If you have additional questions about use of titles, contact Jake Schroeder at j[email protected] or 604.558.6663.

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