Working From Home? Consider Changing Your Innovation Delivery Preferences

Posted on May 6, 2020

The majority of registrants are working away from their offices and may not be receiving their copy of Innovation magazine. But Innovation can be delivered to home addresses, or even digitally to an email address and viewed from anywhere in the world. Each Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrant can modify their communications and contact information online, and change where and how Innovation is delivered.

Change Innovation Delivery To Home Address

Registrants can access mailing preferences by logging into their account and choosing Update Personal Preferences. There, under Contact Preferences, registrants can select whether they prefer to receive all Engineers and Geoscientists BC mailed items at their home or workplace. To receive Innovation at your home address, set Preferred Mail Address to “Home”. (Note that all mailings from Engineers and Geoscientists BC, including Innovation, would then be delivered to your home address.)

Change Innovation Delivery To Digital

Registrants can also choose to receive a digital version of Innovation—a paperless, interactive, and downloadable edition with extra video content. Registrants can choose this type of Innovation delivery by logging into their account, choosing Update Communications Preferences. There, ensure the check box next to “Innovation Digital” is selected, and then click the Save Changes button. The digital version of Innovation will then be delivered to your home email or work email address, as specified in your Contact Preferences. (Note that this setting does not change your overall mailing preferences.)

Photo: © Dmitri Kotchetov/Fotoilia

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