Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia has undertaken several initiatives to explore the impact of climate change on professional engineering and geoscience practice.

Members of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, through the Climate Change Advisory Group, advise Council on these matters on an ongoing basis.

Climate Change Advisory Group

The Climate Change Advisory Group is responsible for advising Council on matters related to climate change and adaptation. This includes recommending appropriate policy development, providing input into practice guideline development and revision, and recommending appropriate responses to requests for association support.

Climate Change Action Plan

The Climate Change Advisory Group is developing a Climate Change Action Plan that will give Engineers and Geoscientists BC an appropriate and methodical approach to addressing climate change issues related to the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

This plan will provide a framework for how Engineers and Geoscientists BC can better support its registrants in their professional practice, and allow Engineers and Geoscientists BC to respond to climate change issues proactively rather than reactively.

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Climate Change Information Portal

The climate change adaptation tools and resources listed in this portal aim to support professionals in incorporating a consideration of climate change into their practice.

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2017 Climate Change Awareness Survey Findings

The 2017 Engineers and Geoscientists BC Climate Change Survey was developed by the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Climate Change Advisory Group and was open for member input from January 18 to March 15, 2017. The survey objectives were to gather information on:

  • Within its remit, how can Engineers and Geoscientists BC support registrants to consider the impact of their work on the climate, and the impact of climate on their professional activities?
  • How important and urgent is action on climate change to Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants?

Engineers and Geoscientists BC contracted a consultant based on a request/guidance from the CCAG to conduct an analysis of the survey data. The summary of findings from the survey can be viewed below.

Survey Findings
Survey Infographic

Engineers Canada Survey on Climate Change

In 2007, a national survey on climate change, targeted to infrastructure engineers, was conducted by the Canadian Standards Association on behalf of Engineers Canada. The survey helped determine engineers’ level of knowledge and awareness of the impacts of a changing climate on built infrastructure at the time. In 2012, a follow‐up survey was conducted to understand what changes in attitudes, awareness, and actions have occurred since 2007. The 2012 survey also helps identify what engineers are doing now to adapt infrastructure to the impacts of a changing climate. The survey, conducted between December 2011 and February 2012, was targeted at professional engineers across Canada in five categories of built infrastructure: water, transportation, energy, buildings, and resource extraction/processing.