Historic Climate Data

Sources of historic climate data that can be used to establish baseline climate conditions for vulnerability risk assessments. 


Datasets for Indices of Climate Extremes

These CLIMDEX datasets are aimed at researchers who are interested in assessing global and regional variability and trends in climatic extremes or who wish to assess global climate model output.


Environment Canada

  1. Canadian Climate Normals

    The Climate Normals, Averages and Extremes database contains climate normals and averages based on Canadian climate stations with at least 15 years of data between 1981 and 2010.

    Environment Canada Canadian Climate Normals 

  2. Engineering Climate Datasets

    The Engineering Climate Datasets page contains Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) files, Canadian Weather Energy and Engineering Datasets (CWEEDS), and Canadian Weather year for Energy (CWEC) datasets.

    Environment Canada Engineering Climate Datasets 

  3. Historical Climate Data

    The Historic Climate Data page allows users to access and download hourly, daily or monthly historic data from stations across Canada.
    Environment Canada Historical Climate Data 

The Government of British Columbia


DataBC provides easy access to a wide range of data, applications, and geographic services. DataBC contains a range of data, including climate data.

Government of British Columbia DataBC 

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

  1. BC Station Data

    The PCIC's BC Station Data page provides access to observations of weather and climate variables (such as temperature and rainfall amounts) for BC from the Provincial Climate Data Set (PCDS).

    PCIC BC Station Data 

  2. High-Resolution PRSIM Climatology

    The High-Resolution Climatology page contains gridded, 30 arc-second (roughly 800 metre) temperature and precipitation climatologies for the 1971-2000 normal period for land-surface areas of BC.

    PCIC High-Resolution PRISM Climatology 

  3. Seasonal Maps

    The PCIC provides a page which has seasonal maps of average temperature and total precipitation departures from the 30 year climatology at observational weather stations.

    PCIC Seasonal Maps  
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