Practice Review Program

The Practice Review Program is intended to be an educational and professional development process for the benefit of members and licensees, as well as a proactive quality assurance check on their practices. The Engineers and Geoscientists Act (the Act) and the association’s Bylaws establish the authority for a practice review process.

In addition to the regulation of the practice review process, Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia monitors trends, provides guidance, and makes suggestions to its members.

Practice Review applies to all members and can be conducted:

  • On a random basis within one or more disciplines, areas of practice and/or other relevant risk factors as determined by Council,
  • Upon request from a member who wishes to have his/her existing practice examined,
  • When a member is referred to the Practice Review Committee by the Registrar or the Investigation Committee under sections 29(1) or 30(7) of the Act,
  • When Council has reason to believe that the engineering or geoscience practice of an individual is questionable, and
  • When it is ordered by the Discipline Committee as a result of a discipline hearing with a guilty finding or a Consent Order.

It is intended that the mandatory review process be objective, instructive, and above all, promote continuing professional development.

In addition, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has developed an Organizational Quality Management Program which exempts employees of Certified Organizations from being randomly selected to undergo a Practice Review.

Further information regarding the Practice Review Program can be obtained by contacting Lina Bowser, Manager, Quality Assurance Programs at 604.412.4862, toll-free at 1.888.430.8035 ext. 4862, or by email at [email protected].