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Engineers and Geoscientists BC is committed to providing registrants with support in incorporating a consideration of climate change into their practice. We have undertaken several initiatives to explore the impact of climate change on professional engineering and geoscience practice.

Registrants, through the Climate Change Advisory Group, advise the Board on these matters on an ongoing basis.

Climate Change Advisory Group

The Climate Change Advisory Group is responsible for advising the Board on matters related to climate change and adaptation. This includes recommending appropriate policy development, providing input into practice guideline development and revision, and recommending appropriate responses to requests for regulatory support.

Climate Change Action Plan

The Climate Change Advisory Group developed a Climate Change Action Plan that gives Engineers and Geoscientists BC an appropriate and methodical approach to addressing climate change issues related to the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

This plan provides a framework for how Engineers and Geoscientists BC can better support its registrants in their professional practice and allow Engineers and Geoscientists BC to respond to climate change issues proactively rather than reactively. The "What We Heard Report" summarizes the feedback we heard from registrants on the development of the Climate Change Action Plan.

Position Statements

2017 Climate Change Awareness Survey Findings

The 2017 Climate Change Survey was developed by Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Climate Change Advisory Group to better assess how the organization can support registrants to consider the impact their work has on the climate, as well as the impact of climate on their professional activities.

Survey Findings

Survey Infographic

2023-24 Regulatory Learning Module

View 2023-24 Regulatory Learning Module.

Climate Change Information Portal

The climate change adaptation tools and resources listed under the Climate Change Information Portal aim to support professionals in incorporating a consideration of climate change into their practice.

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Sustainability is the concept of employing our physical, natural, and social resources to meet our needs and aspirations without compromising the well-being of future generations and the global ecosystem. Since the early 1990s, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has consistently supported and encouraged its registrants to adapt sustainable principles within the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

The Sustainability Professional Practice Guidelines provide guidance to engineering and geoscience professionals on how to incorporate sustainability into their professional practiceThe Sustainability Reference Materials complement the guidelines as a starting point for information about key sustainability concepts.

The 2023-2024 Regulatory Learning Module was developed in response to the objectives of Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Climate Change Action Plan and focuses on climate change and sustainability. Specifically, the module outlines how climate change presents risks to sustainability, what the responsibilities are for registrants to consider sustainability and climate change in their professional practice, and how registrants can follow the requirements of the Professional Practice Guidelines to integrate sustainability into professional practice.

Registrants, through the Sustainability Advisory Group, advise the Board on these matters on an ongoing basis.

Sustainability Advisory Group

The Sustainability Advisory Group advises the Board on facilitating sustainability within professional engineering and geoscience practice and supports registrants in incorporating sustainability principles into their work.

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