Climate Change Adaptation Collaboration Networks

These networks allow professionals to connect on climate change adaptation projects. The purpose is to give people the opportunity to share their work, access resources, and learn more about climate change adaptation.

Organization Resource
BC Climate Action Toolkit The BC Climate Action Toolkit is a tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration. It provides the latest news, best practices, practical advice, information, and strategic guidance to help BC local governments successfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen their communities.

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BC Professionals' Adaptation Network The Inspiring Climate Action project helps professionals in BC who work at the front line of climate adaptation to integrate adaptation competencies into their professional practice, through education, training, and networking.

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Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice The Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice is where researchers, experts, policy-makers, and practitioners from across Canada can come together to ask questions, generate ideas, share knowledge, and communicate with others working in the field of climate change adaptation.
Fraser Basin Council ReTooling for Climate Change
The ReTooling for Climate Change site contains tools and resources targeted at local governments, First Nations, and natural resource sectors to prepare for the impacts of climate change.
ICLEI Canada: Local Governments for Sustainability Canada Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) Network
ICLEI Canada works to engage and support communities preparing for climate change. The BARC Network is a simple platform for those who want to stay in touch on adaptation and resilience, remain informed, and become connected with climate change colleagues from across the country.
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Adaptation Platform
The Adaptation Platform brings together key groups from government, industry, and professional organizations. It provides a structure to pool knowledge, capacity, and financial resources. This platform allows the user to apply to join a working group so they can collaborate with people who have expertise on a common interest.
Simon Fraser University Adaptation to Climate Change Team
The Adaptation to Climate Change Team brings leading experts from around the world together with industry, community, and government decision-makers to explore the risks posed by climate change issues and to identify opportunities for sustainable adaptation.