Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Manufacturing & Equipment Advisory Group Member

Location: Hybrid
Date Posted: December 04, 2023
Closing Date: Open until filled
Status 3-Year Term
Terms of Reference


The purpose of Engineers and Geoscientists BC Manufacturing & Equipment Advisory Group is to support the organization in its regulatory function to establish, monitor, and enforce standards of practice to enhance the quality of professional practice in the best interest of the public. The advisory group is responsible for providing advice to the organization on relevant matters related to manufacturing and equipment safety, including in areas of product development, naval/marine, automation, facilities, lifts, automotive, instrumentation, materials handling, quality assurance, engines, machinery, testing, and pressure vessels.

Reporting Structure:

The advisory group reports directly to the Director, Professional Practice, Standards and Development (PPSD), or their delegate. The advisory group provides advice and may make recommendations for discussion and consideration to the Professional Practice Advisory Group.

Duties and Expectations:

Advisory group members are responsible for:

  • Identifying and raising industry issues (within manufacturing and equipment) that are related to professional practice or ethics. 
  • Considering and discussing industry issues (within manufacturing and equipment) that are related to professional practice or ethics, as raised by other group members.
  • Reviewing applicable professional practice guidance published by Engineers and Geoscientists BC and providing suggestions for modifications, updates, and revisions as necessary.
  • Assisting Engineers and Geoscientists BC with the identification and/or development of professional practice guidelines and continuing professional development offerings related to manufacturing and equipment.
  • Providing professional practice support to Engineers and Geoscientists BC staff on an as-needed basis (advising on requests for information on technical matters, responding to government or industry requests for consultation, etc.).

Skills and Qualifications:

The following will be considered for advisory group membership:

  • Be a registrant in good standing with Engineers and Geoscientists BC as:
    • An engineering professional (P.Eng., P.L.Eng.)
    • A trainee (EIT)
  • Be a registrant in good standing with another regulatory body
  • Be a representative of government, academia, or industry
  • Demonstrated experience working in BC within engineering areas of practice of manufacturing and equipment safety (see Attachment B of the TOR)
  • Applicant’s firm size and practice areas

Term of Office:

  • Appointments are three years in length, renewable twice for a maximum of nine consecutive years, unless otherwise extended by the Director, PPSD.

Average Time Commitment:

  • Meetings are held at least 6 times per year, approximately every 4-6 weeks (except during the summer).
  • Meetings are approximately 1-2 hours in length and require approximately 1 hour of preparation per meeting to review agenda items and prepare for discussion.
  • Meetings are held either virtually, at the Engineers and Geoscientists BC office in Burnaby (if permitted under health guidelines), or in a hybrid format.
  • In addition, advisory group members are expected to volunteer for subgroups to work on guidelines, strategic initiatives, and other special projects as required. 


  • Opportunity to advance the profession by sharing your knowledge and experience;
  • Acquire new skills and expand your business network;
  • Contribute to your continued professional competency; and
  • Volunteer recognition.
Engineers and Geoscientists BC is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive and affirming environment that values and respects diversity of culture and identity, both within our organization and in our larger community