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Registration Academic Examiners

Location: Remotely
Date Posted: June 15, 2023
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Status 2-Year Term
Terms of Reference


The Registration Academic Examiners reviews the academic qualifications of applicants for admission to engineering membership or licence, who do not meet the academic requirements as set out in the Act.
The applications are reviewed by discipline specific Examiners who make recommendations on whether the applicants meet the academic requirements for membership registration. The Credentials Committee will form decisions based on these recommendations.

Reporting Structure

Registration Academic Examiners members are appointed by the Council and advise the Credentials Committee. They are supported by the Associate Director of Engineering Admissions and other Engineers and Geoscientists BC Registration department staff.

Duties and Expectations

Board members are responsible for:

  • Examining applicants’ academic record and making recommendations to the Credentials Committee with respect to the academic qualifications of applicants for admission to engineering membership or licence, who do not meet the requirements as set out in the Act.
  • Evaluating the academic program of such applicants for compliance with the Engineers Canada Uniform Syllabus of Examinations (the Syllabus), and recommending to the Registration Committee, assignment of a program of qualifying examinations and/or courses to address non-compliance with the Syllabus.
  • Recommending treatment of applicants evaluated under Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s policy on special consideration.
  • Advising the Credentials Committee on matters of academic policy as requested by the Credentials Committee, including endorsement of the Syllabus.

Skills and Qualifications

Successful candidates must:

  • Be a registered professional engineer for at least five years (at minimum one year with Engineers and Geoscientists BC) in good standing.
  • Have experience in academia either currently teaching at, or retired from a local post-secondary education institution offering accredited engineering programs.
  • Have a good understanding of engineering program curricula and requirements in Canadian universities.
  • Familiarity with CEAB accreditation requirements is preferred.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has openings for Examiners in the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical
  • Software
  • Computer

Term of Office

  • Appointments are two years normally, renewable for up to two additional terms unless extended by Council.

Average Time Commitment

  • On average, an Examiner will carry out a maximum of 7 reviews per year. This number can be higher for disciplines such as civil, environmental, electrical, and mechanical. The number of reviews requested of you will depend on the number of applications submitted related to your field of expertise.
  • A typical review will take approximately 1-2 hours of documentation review and preparation of a recommendation. This work is done remotely.
  • The board meets once per year at UBC to discuss policy updates, reviews, challenges, etc.

Measures of Success

The successful volunteer will provide objective and constructive feedback regarding applicants' academic qualifications.


  • Collaboration with other senior members of the profession to ensure proper application of legislation and Registration policy; and
  • Volunteer appreciation.

Applications for this role are reviewed depending on program need and position availability. You may not be contacted until an application review takes place. We appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting with you.

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