Status of Online Academic Exams

Last Updated on August 24, 2022


The Fall 2022 session will be taking place from October 3 through November 2022. The interim exam schedule is now published.

We are actively updating this webpage with the latest information and it is highly recommended to check this page regularly. Please refer to the Important Exam Information section below for information and updated documents.

For instructions on how to book your exam with eProctor Canada and how to access your AccessBank account, please refer to the Candidate Guide for Online Exams or the guide on How to Access Your Exam.

Since early 2021, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has partnered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) to deliver the academic/technical exams online in response to COVID-19 and public health recommendations. We have been able to offer over 150 unique engineering and geoscience exam topics each session and to date, over 2,500 online exam sittings have been successfully completed.

AssessBank and eProctor Canada are the exam platform and virtual proctor providers for this session’s examinations. Both AssessBank and eProctor Canada services and servers are hosted in Canada.

Exam Topics for Fall 2022 (October-November)

Please refer to PEO’s Technical Exam Program for a list of technical exams that will be offered in the Fall 2022 session. Candidates are strongly encouraged to check back to this page for regular updates on the exact dates for each exam.

Important Exam Information

Schedule and Exam Format

  • Exam Schedule and Dates
    • Tip: to find your exam date/time more easily, use Search/Find in your PDF application and search for the specific exam code or topic name.
  • Exam Formats and List of Aids (Fall 2022)
    • If you are scheduled for an exam this session but your exam does not appear on this list, your respective regulatory body may be setting your exam topic separately. Regulatory staff will be in touch with you regarding the exam status and exam format directly.

Candidate Guides

  • If your exam is open book, you may only use physical or printed copies of textbooks or notes. Digital copies of books or notes that requires the use of a digital device are strictly prohibited.
  • If your exam is closed book, you are not permitted to use any materials for your exam, unless specifically allowed in the Exam Formats and List of Aids.

Important Dates for Exam Candidates

We aim to meet the following key milestone dates for the upcoming Fall 2022 session. These dates are subject to change:

Milestone Date
Exam schedule August 30, 2022
Access to your AssessBank account

Will be activated by mid-September, 2022
Refer to the guide on How to Access Your Exam for login information.

eProctor Canada Booking Window 2 weeks before examination start date (September 6 - 20, 2022)
Sync Notification Email (For Uploading Written Solutions) 2 days before scheduled exam date

What to Expect with the Online Format

System Requirements

You are required to use a desktop computer or laptop with a webcam and stable high-speed internet connection to access the exam. Please review the system requirements to ensure that you are equipped to take the exam before your sitting date.

  • It is highly recommended that you conduct a Speed Test to ensure your internet speeds meet the requirements to complete your exam with eProctor Canada. eProctor network requirements are: 2.5 Mbps minimum upload speeds and 2.5 Mbps minimum download speeds.
  • Ensure that you are using a modern browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred).
  • Operating system minimum requirements:
    • Windows: Windows 7 or later; or
    • Mac: OS X 10.9 or later.

Prior to the Day of Your Exam

Prior to the scheduled exam day:

  • Ensure that your username and login work with the AssessBank testing platform.
    • Note that you will not see your registered exam until your scheduled exam day. You must not start any exam until you are connected and checked in with a live proctor and your proctor allows you to start the exam.
  • Book your virtual proctoring with eProctor Canada during the 2-week booking window (September 6–20, 2022). Although you may be registered for an exam with your respective regulator, you must book a time slot with eProctor Canada to be able to connect with a live proctor on the day of your exam.
Important: If you do not book an examination timeslot with eProctor Canada within the 2-week window, you will not be able to write your examination.

More information and instructions can be found in the Candidate Guide for Online Technical Exams.

On the Day of your Exam

Candidates are expected to log in through the eProctor Canada application at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time. This allows time to address any system or internet connectivity issues (if needed) and also allows proctors ample time to conduct the check-in process and review exam procedures.

Please review and closely follow the instructions in the guide on How to Access Your Exam, Do's and Don'ts for Virtual Examinations and the Candidate Guide for Online Technical Exams.

Exam Conduct

While the examinations are conducted electronically, please be aware that the Examination Misconduct Policy (for Engineers and Geoscientists BC candidates) as well as equivalent policies under APEGA, PEO or other respective regulators are still applicable and enforced. Please take the time to review the attached policy prior to your exam.


If you have questions regarding the academic/technical exam sessions, please contact your respective regulator:

Partnering Body Email
Engineers and Geoscientists BC [email protected]
APEGA [email protected]
PEO [email protected]