Practice in BC Online Seminar

Welcome to Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar, formerly known as the Law and Ethics seminar.

This online seminar allows you to fulfill the Law and Ethics requirement for registration anywhere and at any time. It is composed of ten modules with a combination of video interviews, concise reading, case studies, knowledge tests, and activities, providing an engaging and accessible learning platform.

The following video introduces the new Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar.


Access the online seminar

The purpose of the online seminar is to provide an overview of the legal and ethical issues that affect both engineers and geoscientists in BC. The seminar discusses current issues and provides insight into legislation that affects all practicing registrants. The online seminar is intended to be an interactive learning experience that can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile and is compatible with any browser.

The online seminar is one of the six qualifying requirements that must be completed before professional registration can be granted.

The other qualifying requirements are:

  • Academic
  • Experience
  • Character
  • Language, and
  • The Professional Practice Examination

Successful completion of this online seminar is mandatory for all new applicants to Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia as per Bylaw 11(e) (6).

Seminar Description

  1. Module 1: Self-Regulation (30 minutes)
    As a self-regulatory body, Engineers and Geoscientists BC derives its strength from its registrants, so knowledge of the role of self-regulation is pivotal. This module explains the nature of the self-regulated profession, recognizes and understands the essential elements of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, and describes the proactive and reactive roles of Engineers and Geoscientists BC.
  2. Module 2: Professionalism (30 minutes)
    As a professional, there is a responsibility to conduct oneself in a competent and morally responsible manner to ensure the public’s interest is served. This module: describes the elements of professionalism, recognizes the primary duties and objectives of the Engineers and Geoscientists BC, understands how to obtain the guidance provided by the organization to meet professional obligations, and introduces its regulatory programs.
  3. Module 3: Quality Management (30 minutes)
    Appropriate quality management practice is key to enabling professionals to meet their professional obligations under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. If the Code of Ethics is the light by which engineers and geoscientists are guided, then Quality Management is the path upon which that light shines. This module: recognizes the two levels of influence on Quality Management in the practice of professional engineering and geoscience, outlines the seven Quality Management requirements for practitioners set by the Engineers and Geoscientists Act and the organization's bylaws, and explains how to access and use the Quality Management Guidelines published by Engineers and Geoscientists BC and the Organizational Quality Management (OQM) Program.
  4. Module 4: Regulatory Compliance (35 minutes)
    It is important to understand what you may be liable for as a professional and how important it is that the public is protected from fraudulent or unqualified engineering or geoscience practice. This module will enable participants to: understand the role of Engineers and Geoscientists BC in ensuring that only registered registrants are eligible to call themselves professional engineers or professional geoscientists (P. Eng. or P. Geo., respectively) and licensees (Eng.L. or Geo.L.) and do professional engineering and geoscience work, and differentiate between civil and statutory liabilities and the professional regulation for which the organization is responsible.
  5. Module 5: Practice Review (35 minutes)
    The Practice Review Program is an essential component of self-regulating professions. This module will enable participants: to understand the fundamental aspects of the Practice Review Program, to be familiar with the Practice Review process, to understand the outcome of a Practice Review, and know where to find the resources necessary to conduct a self-directed Practice Review.
  6. Module 6: Ethical Practice (40 minutes)
    Rolling dice or flipping coins are not prudent methods to assess and manage the risks associated with your professional work. Nor are they a means by which you should be making ethical decisions. By understanding the principles presented in this module, you will be better prepared to respond to the various ethical issues that you may encounter in your work as a professional. This module will enable participants to: consider a series of risk management tools and strategies to help make prudent decisions in practice, and gain an appreciation of the Code of Ethics by reviewing real-life ethical dilemmas.
  7. Module 7: Legislation (30 minutes)
    Professionals need to be familiar with the wide array of regulations and laws outside the Engineers and Geoscientists Act which impact the practice of the professions. By completing this module participants will: become familiar with the concept of professional reliance as it is used in municipal, provincial and federal legislation, understand the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders working within a regulatory regime that uses a professional reliance model, view the wide variety of legislation that affects the practice of professional engineering or geoscience as it relates to public safety, worker safety and the environment, and become aware of the regulatory tools that Engineers and Geoscientists BC has in place for assisting our professionals when working under legislation using professional reliance.
  8. Module 8: Principles of Law (3 hours)
    This module will explain the principles of law including; Contact Law, Tort Law, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Law and the Securities Regulation and National Instrument NI43-101.
  9. Module 9: Communications (40 minutes)
    This module will explain effective communication, including understanding the importance of effective communication, thinking about your audience, and being aware of communication barriers and strategies to address these.
  10. Module 10: Duty of Care (15 minutes)
    The people of British Columbia have, through the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, granted registrants of Engineers and Geoscientists BC the exclusive right to practise and use the titles of professional engineers and professional geoscientists. In return, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has the responsibility to protect the public interest and to set professional standards. The organization could not fulfill its public mandate without the support of its volunteers. Concluding this module, you will understand that the participation of volunteers is an important way in which our self-regulating professions (Engineering and Geoscience) can establish, maintain, and enforce standards, and discover ways to promote and serve the professions of engineering and geoscience.

Professional Practice Exam

Please note that registering for the Professional Engineering and Geoscience seminar will not automatically register you for the Professional Practice Exam. Please note that this seminar is not a preparatory course for the Professional Practice Exam. For information regarding recommended study materials see Professional Practice Exam for information on what to study.

Online Seminar Length

The total amount of time it takes to complete the online seminar will vary with each individual, given their learning style; however, it is estimated that it should take approximately eight (8) hours to complete the seminar.

Continuing Education

Once completed, each participant will receive 8 continuing education hours. Once the participant has completed the online seminar, they will receive an email that details the successful completion including the continuing education hours that they will receive. The hours will then be automatically uploaded to the participant’s online account.

Technical Requirement

The online seminar is compatible with:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Chrome (mobile and desktop)
  • Safari (mobile and mac)
  • Firefox
  • IE Edge

For all technical issues, please contact [email protected].

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