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Head of Scheme

The Head of Scheme bears overall responsibility for ensuring that the program is operating smoothly within the company and amongst the trainees, validators, assessment panel, and registration mentors. This role also involves communication with Engineers and Geoscientists BC regarding possible changes to the company’s program and personnel. The Head of Scheme does not need to be a registered professional engineer (P.Eng.) or professional geoscientist (P.Geo.), but should be a senior person within the company, and preferably someone with a solid connection with their trainees. The Head of Scheme will be required to acknowledge the volunteer guidelines. Please enter the Head of Scheme's information below: 

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Accredited Employer Assessment Panel

A company must nominate a minimum of 3 individuals to serve as assessors of experience. Engineers and Geoscientists BC will assign assessors from that company’s own Accredited Employer Assessment Panel and at least one assessor external to the company to review an application. External assessors will be sourced through a shared pool of all competency assessors from other accredited employers and/or the Engineering Experience Credentials Assessment Panel from the general application route.

The Accredited Employer Assessment Panel fills the assessor role under Competency Assessment, where they review experience examples and validator feedback, decide if the examples satisfy each competency, and provide a recommendation for professional registration. The decision reached by the assessment panel must be unanimous. If consensus cannot be reached, the competency self-assessment will be reviewed under the Engineers and Geoscientists BC secondary review procedure.

To be eligible as an assessor on the Accredited Employer Assessment Panel, nominees must have had their P.Eng. or P.Geo. license for a minimum of 5 years. The nominees are to be approved and appointed by the Credentials Committee and will be required to acknowledge the volunteer guidelines.

In the space provided below, please list the full name of each nominee and their ID#. For each nominee, please ensure their resume is emailed to [email protected].

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Registration Mentors

The registration mentor is responsible for guiding trainees through competency assessment by assisting trainees in the development of competency examples and/or by reviewing the examples before they are submitted. They do not play any role in assessing experience, but they should have in-depth knowledge of the Competency Assessment system and the experience requirements. They may act as a validator of experience if they have direct knowledge of the trainee’s work. This position is ideal for recently registered professional engineers who have used competencies as part of their own application. Nominees are to be registered as a professional engineer, professional geoscientist, professional licensee in engineering (P.L.Eng.) or a professional licensee in geoscience (P.L.Geo.). All mentors will be required to acknowledge the volunteer guidelines. In the space provided below, please list the full name of each mentor, their email, and their user ID#.

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Engineers-in-Training (EIT) - Trainees

The trainees are the engineers-in-training (EITs) who would be applying for P.Eng. registration through the program. To qualify for participation in the program, these individuals must be registered as EITs and must have been with their employer for a minimum of two years prior to submitting their competency self-assessment. They are required to have at least four years of satisfactory engineering experience and must document that experience using the Competency Assessment. The program is currently available to EITs. Geoscientists-in-training (GITs) are to be included soon. In the space provided below, please list the full name of each EIT, their email, and their user ID#. As part of this application, ensure the training plan describing how trainees are trained, supervised and evaluated is uploaded in the next section.

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